Monday, 20 June 2011

COMEDY - The Poet Paul Hamilton.

Was lucky enough to see Kevin Eldon last night at the Black Box Belfast, one of the highlights of his particularly manic set was one of the support acts - Islington poet Paul Hamilton.

MUSIC - Lovesongs for Underdogs

Been uploading loads of old albums onto mp3 from box upon box in the attic. One of the recent highlights being Tanya Donnelly's first solo album after Belly & The Breeders. Lovely stuff. This is a live version of the first track.

VARIOUS - Baby Who

Maybe inspired in part by my nephew Ethan's new love of Doctor Who (which may have been nurtured in part by the cool toys I have in my room, I'm 33... he's 3... I lose) here are illustrations from the web of some of the Doctor's fiercest enemies in baby form.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

MUSIC - Youberlin

Haven't added anything to this blog in ages so I thought I'd come back and start things off with the great song and video by R.E.M.

VARIOUS - Bitches Love Memes

Not a massive fan of 'bitch' related humor... but mix it in with the right amount of geekiness and film references... and gosh, I'm a sucker... and a lil bitch.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

MUSIC - Play Beatle.

I saw Paul McCartney at the weekend at the RDS. Complete with his great drummer,one of the coolest guys ever, and his backing band of Blondie McHorsington and Lanky McBrunette. The Frog Chorus was not played. Good times where had by all.

COMEDY - Gay Beatle.

Here is comedian Demetri Martin being his excellent self. Surrendered a lot of revision to watching 'Important things with Demetri Martin.' Still think I'm the best man.