Monday, 12 October 2009

ART - Brad, What a Wanker.

Monday is Lichtenstein day. His bright colours and comic book imagery is about all I can fully take at this time of the morning. Probably by the time it comes to midday we'll be into Francis Bacon and his screaming face images.

COMEDY - Dur de lur de lur dee dur dee dur

Now this sort of thing usually wouldn't be my cup of tea (have an aversion to high pitched dublin knackers at the best of times, mixed with a deeper hatred of Northern Ireland and Norn iron humour)... but must admit that the whole 'dur dee lur dee dur de dur dee situation' thing is priceless.

MUSIC - Remember Aurora?

This popped up on my mp3 player recently and brought back a tonne of memories. Ah, the Foo's. Back in the day, jumpers for goal posts, rubicks cubes, three day weeks etc... Nostalgia.

"I just kind of died for you, you just kind of stared at me."

MUSIC - Indie Schemers

You have to start all mondays with a little bit of indie rock. It can be handier than a cup of coffee sometimes...

Actually that's just put me in mood for a cup of coffee. I am so weak willed, but I like it.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

VARIOUS - The Force is Strong With this One.

Following on from the Quinnsworth debacle (see below for awesomeness) we now have a greta clip of Darth Vader being an arse. Darth vader, dick vader more like!

**I really must stop playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii though. This isn't healthy.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

VARIOUS - I Could Watch This Forever

Hello Darth Vedder, will we look at the skellor? (WTF)

VARIOUS - Room Mates are Mates for Life.

A reminder of the joys of communal sharing. The fact that they reference someone called Peter is just a little bit of a coincidence. Swear. It just drew me to these particular entries.

MUSIC - To Love Somebody

A fine cover of 'To Love Somebody' now comes complete with added Rice and Ray. This mix is what most chip shops would call "fay indie half and half." Oh and just checking of Colleen is checking up on these new updates, if so hello Colleen!

COMEDY - Principle Firebush Speaks!

At Pharoah High Ramses was the biggest playah around...

VARIOUS - Bad Disney

What's the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney? Bing sings but Walt Disney... boom boom!

Monday, 5 October 2009

COMEDY - The Life of Python

Following Saturday nights new Python documentary 'Almost the truth' (in which shock revelations emerged like they didn't quite all get on, except when they were all getting on)I was reminded of this classic 'Not the Nine O'Clock news' sketch. A nice treat from the glory days when Rowan Atkinson was funny and Pamela Stephenson wasn't busy hocking books about her husband's abusive childhood. Enjoy!

ART - If Anyone Can Kandinsky Can!

A selection of the work of Wassily Kandinsky, a fine artist and owner of an even greater first name. You just don't meet that many Wassilys growing up these days, not even in Galliagh.

VARIOUS - Rollercoaster... of loooove...

Roller coasters. They're not all just 'final destination' style fun. Occasionally people take the opportunity to really enjoy the unique photo opportunities that present themselves whilst hurtling round corners and dips at 100mph. To those about to arse about... we salute you.

MUSIC - Tonight I'm On My Way

I want to kill this man but he turned around and ran.
I'll kill him with karate that I learned in Japan.
He wouldn't see my face. I wouldn't leave a trace.
I wouldn't use a bullet cause a bullet's a disgrace.

Aw, mom, I never thought that I was a murdering man
But tonight I'm on my way.

There's this drawer that I know in a house up the road
That's full of things that are easily sold.
When they go out of town I could go and snoop around
And make myself rich off the things that I found.

Aw, mom, I never thought that I was a stealing man
But tonight I'm on my way.

I was sitting on the bleacher staring at the speaker,
Reading his lips but I could not understand.
So I opened up my ears and clearly I could hear
This detailed story all about a grain of sand.

Aw, mom, I always dreamt of being a good listener
So tonight I'm on my way.

There's this kid you gotta meet. He lives across the street.
He's got spirit and heart. We're ten years apart.
He is up for anything. He can hang with anyone.
He still likes the things we used to think were fun.

Aw, mom, I never thought that I could have a friend
But tonight I'm on my way.

I'm in love with someone who's as pretty as a flower.
Her life give me power so I'm buyin' her a ring.
She makes hats with her hands. She is such an artist.
I'm her biggest fan and I'm teaching her to sing

Aw, mom, I never thought that I could love no one
But tonight I'm on my way.

MOVIES - Pixar The Champions!

PIXAR - Partly Cloudy
Vezi mai multe video din Film

Every time I think I'm over gushing about the work of Pixar they turn around and produce something like this short. After watching it you will agree that every gushing sentiment is more than justified. 'Partly Cloudy' is one of the funniest, sweetest shorts I've seen in a long time and it's also based on a great little idea. It's one indie soundtrack away from pure perfection.