Wednesday, 3 February 2010

VARIOUS - Take that Deputy Stagg!

My posts haven't been up to date of late so here i go with an important moment in the past few months, if not the entire history, of the Irish parliament.

POETRY - Counting Sheep.

Cracks in the painting
Of the wall that supports,
splinters in the frame,
the door expands with the changes,
sits ajar,
is no longer a fortress
is no longer safe.

We lie here, with one eye open.
with thoughts clouded
with dreams held at bay.

Knowing that the breeze can blow this all away.

Yet still we hold,
for warmth, for cover,
for leverage,
And count the cracks in the paint work
as if trying to count sheep.

P Davidson. 03/02/10

MUSIC - Vespertine

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you