Tuesday, 22 September 2009

POETRY - Hold Me Back.

Train tracks track past,
Past moments of my life.
My life and times recreated
In every fibre of this vehicle.
Hurtling forward yet
travelling backwards
Battling to break
the static state
created by the two,
developed by myself
And encouraged by my peers.
My fears won't
hold me back.

P Davidson 22/09/99

Monday, 21 September 2009

MUSIC - Burrito Deluxe

This old town is filled with sin

It'll swallow you in

If you've got some money to burn

Take it home right away

You've got three years to pay

And Satan is waiting his turn


This old earthquake's gonna leave me in the poorhouse

It seems like this whole town's insane

On the thirty-first floor your gold-plated door

Won't keep out the Lord's burning rain


Let's hear it for Wilhelm...

VARIOUS - I'ma Let You Finish.

By now the whole Kanye West / Taylor Swift thing has run it's cultural gamut. Bet you though it still pops up in the latest 'date movie / epic movie/ pop culture abortions.' So on the end of that tide I present a few handpicked meme's from this great award show dick fest.
Click on pic for closer inspection...

Sunday, 13 September 2009

MUSIC - Pub Snug

Cosiness extraordinaire with Lisa Hannigan in the corner of a bar in Dingle.

POETRY - Passing Words

Sometimes days can pass
Without a single message of import
Parting your lips
And enriching the air.
Swallowed instead by frippery,
Devoured by a monitor's glare,
Bouncing echo-lessly
Around empty conversations.
Vowels stretched to a whisper,
Emotions deadened by text.
The heart may sing
But the head deadens
It's song
And words words words
And go on and on
And on.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

COMEDY - My Part In His Downfall

Excellent clip from 'Funny or Die' building on a growing trend of re-subtitling one of the best scenes from the movie 'Downfall.' I wasn't aware of this phenomenon but it's hard to see how any version of it will out do this one.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

ART - Workshy Fop Doings

'Shooting Stars' has returned to TV. Amidst it's surreal brilliance is still that feeling that nostalgia may not be enough to kick it into it's former glory. Having said that though; TV is always the better for giving Vic Reeves another chance to peddle his unique wares, as these sketches of his attest to.

COMEDY - Penny Dreadfuls

After a month in Edinburgh you have to slowly ween yourself off the festival. The best way to do this is slow releases and snippets of edinburgh related thingamajigs. Here are The Penny Dreadful's being interviewed back in 2008.

MUSIC - Beardness As Usual

So I'm back from Edinburgh and back posting on the blog. I also have a brand new beard, which is the envy of many a naked faced individual. So I thought I would post this great little song by 'Iron & Wine' and also remind my self by watching the lead singer that yo should never let beards go too far.