Friday, 19 June 2009

MUSIC - Open House.

Tell me all the things you would change
I dont pretend to know what you want
When you come around and spin my top
Time and again, time and again
No fire where I lit my spark
I am not afraid of the dark
Where your words devour my heart
And put me to shame, put me to shame
When your seven worlds collide
Whenever I am by your side
And dust from a distant sun
Will shower over everyone

POETRY - Spilt Drinks.

Clinks of glass and spilt drinks,
Smiles outweigh the pauses,
Like a frozen moment
Dethawing slowly .
Nostalgia battles regret,
Yet warmth wins through.
Distant people text.
Distant voices,
To break the closeness.
The night is brief
Yet the memories endless.
Drink drys.
And smile remains.


ART - Heavyweight Duchamp

Here are some paintings by Marcel DuChamp, it's a change from his famous urinals and bike wheels... but sometimes you need more than urinals and bike wheels. Hmmm. Deep.

COMEDY - Sketch Show Truths

Prepping the new LTC show for our run at the Edinburgh Fringe, saw this sketch on the new series of Mitchell & Webb and it reminded me of the joy of set lists and sketch ordering. But it gave me a giggle and a chance to plug so all's good.

MUSIC - Vedder Man.

My friend Colleen was telling me to check out Eddie Vedder's soundtrack to 'Into the Wild' which got me thinking... the end result of my thinking is this old Pearl Jam song 'Long Road'... This performance is taken from the 9/11 concerts and features Neil Young. Sheer class.


WARNING: Funny internet thing that goes on just a little bit too long. Cut twenty seconds out of this and ye have perfection. Then again everyones a critic.

VARIOUS - Makes You Think...

There is no real caption or explanation to go along with this. Only questions. The main question being... is this the greatest picture of all time?

Monday, 15 June 2009

COMEDY - Cowards are go!

Running a bit late on this one but only recently caught up with 'Cowards' on BBC4 starring Tim Key, Tom Basden and the two other ones that are quite good too. Nice and understated, great and twisted. More please.

MUSIC - New Varshions

Just as you can't keep a good thing down, the lemonheads are back with a new cover versions album... Featuring some excellent Gram Parsons, Leonard Cohen and Wire covers. Here is Evan's excellent old cover of Parson's "$1,000 wedding."

COMEDY - Brooker, ready! Gladiators, ready!

Septum!!! Jeffrey!!! Bastard!!! Lubricant!!!

Axed already, ah revamped Gladiators we hardly knew ye.

VARIOUS - Tache vs Whip

Can't decide which show I want to watch more but that opening credit music is to die for. It's be great if all your mornings started like that.

ART - Naked and blurry

Simply stunning and beautiful paintings by Gerhard Rhicter. An odd way to follow The Dan Band, but there's nothing beats a marriage of opposites.

COMEDY - The Dan Band

My sister asked me today was I looking forward to her wedding next month. I think this video should help prove that the answer is a big 'hell yeah.'

VARIOUS - Questions Answered

The answers you needed. The questions you had to ask.

MUSIC - Normal Service is resumed.

You can't keep a good thing down, or a bad thing... like eggs that have gone off, hard to keep them down. Might I recommend antacids and wee lie down.