Monday, 29 December 2008

VARIOUS - Wadge for Wadge

Found this old thing I did once when I had too much time on my hands... hmmm... do you think anyone would pay me to do more? Anyone? Hmmm? Anyone?

Friday, 19 December 2008

COMEDY - It's Me Favourite...

Okay, I'm overdoing the Peter Serafinowicz thing a bit. It was a good show taht never found an audience, not as strong as 'Look Around You' but that's cause it didn't have the same focus. Look at me, arm chair media lecturer that I am... But any show that has Charles Dickens Jam Corners, The Butterfield Detetcive Agency, Elephant & Train Magazine and this has got to be good!

VARIOUS - Jingle Bell Rock

Is the Christmas Spirit upon us yet? Tra la la la la la la... if you're feeling like Dan Akroyd above (either by accident or design) then this is the only thing that gives a direct christmas hit to the heart. Dedicated as always to that someone...

MUSIC - Harmonies for the haunted

After that last post there needed to be some sweet relief. It doesn't get much sweeter than 'Kings Of Convenience.' This is from their second album but if you get a chance search out their debut 'Quiet is the New Loud.' Shimmering stunning harmonies and heart breaking guitar. Particularly the track 'I Don't know What I Can Save You From.'

VARIOUS - Make This Stop Now!

How can BBC Northern Ireland sleep at night? Their Friday night comedy entertainment and Christmas Spectacular consisted of the following;

FOLKS ON THE HILL - A retarded teletext lite political satire voiced by the worst impressionists in the history of the art form. Tired cliches bang off rancid animation and all mixed in with self important inward yet backward political comedy.

AN EVENING WITH JAMES YOUNG - End of pier comedian (as in throw him off one) William Caufield rejigs a dead comedy corpse by recreating the work of Norn Irish Funny man Jimmy Young. You know, the one that hated and drunk himself to death? Did he die for nothing? Has NI not moved passed his panto style cliches and polite sectarianism that weren't even cutting edge thirty years ago where they should have remained.

And what other delights have they lined up? A one hour special from the Hole In The Wall gang based on their derided and failed sketch show...

"The Hole in the Wall Gang's latest creation, the fabulous motor cycle mad McDowell brothers, return to BBC One Northern Ireland for a one-hour special ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou?’ The programme, from the creators of BBC Northern Ireland’s hugely successful Give My Head Peace follows on from the success of the gang's Dry Your Eyes series and sees Jonjo 1 and Jonjo 2 (Marty Reid and Michael McDowell) back on local screens. Damon Quinn who produces and stars in the programme said: "We couldn't resist the opportunity to write a script around the McDowell Brothers, who were one of the most popular characters to come out of Dry Your Eyes. We hope viewers will enjoy watching the programme as much as we have done making it!"

So lets recap shall we... bad animation, weak satire, tired old cliches and a stretched out failed sketch (if it was so successful why was it cancelled two years ago... and believe me it was cancelled). Seriously, what delusion sees this as a great strong line up? What was the last act BBC NI developed? The last time they took a risk with anything? Hole in The Wall Gang in 1992.

Rant over. Make this stop.

VARIOUS - It Starts Once It's Over

TV is an odd thing. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing on at all. A multi channelled myriad of half ideas, quizzes and lifestyle shows that empower the inner thin person by half an hour of quality patronising. Sometimes you loose site of some good shows and only discover them later through the joy of box set. It happened before with Buffy, Firefly and Seinfeld. Now I've got round to watching Alias. Half way through the first season and it's actually very very enjoyable. Yaay, I found a new show that ended three years ago!

(* I've already booked in 'Battlestar Galactica' for the next one).

PS: Oh Lordy, Quentin Tarrantino has just popped up in this episode... and did I hear somewhere that Ricky Gervais makes an appearance in a later season?

Monday, 15 December 2008

MUSIC - Claim it Back Now!!

Damn 'X Factor' and all it's ilk. In the words of 'Rage Against The Machine' we got to take the power back... Hallelujah is not supposed to be sung by talentless pop puppets in a vacuous display of over the top warbling and fist clenched emoting. It's to be done by Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, Kathryn Williams and people of that stature and craft. Above is Leonard Cohen performing the original and you wonder how it goes from this to it's current state.

In the words of Damien Rice 'Why do you sing Hallelujah, if it means nothing to you...'

VARIOUS - I Wanna Suck and Roll All Night!

See, told you the next one would be stupid... it's 'Kiss' at their action packed crime fighting best... oh wait, that's not their best. Playing some songs and wearing silly make up is their best. This, this is just embarrassing.

MUSIC - Ron Sexsmith & Me.

Ron Sexsmith holds a very important place in my life due to a very important night. Still think of that night often. Heard this song again recently, and the song and lyrics moved me a lot. Promise, next clip a more upbeat one.

I know it doesn't seem that way
But maybe it's the perfect day
Even though the bills are piling
And maybe Lady Luck ain't smiling

But if we'd only open our eyes
We'd see the blessings in disguise
That all the rain clouds are fountains
Though our troubles seem like mountains

There's gold in them hills
There's gold in them hills
So don't lose heart
Give the day a chance to start

Every now and then life says
Where do you think you're going so fast
We're apt to think it cruel but sometimes
It's a case of cruel to be kind

And if we'd get up off our knees
Why then we'd see the forest for the trees
And we'd see the new sun rising
Over the hills on the horizon

There's gold in them hills
There's gold in them hills
So don't lose faith
Give the world a chance to say...

A word or two, my friend
There's no telling how the day might end
And we'll never know until we see
That there's gold in them hills

There's gold in them hills
So don't lose heart
Give the day a chance to start

There's gold in them hills...
There's gold in them hills...

ART - Flowers Minus The Allergies

I saw a collection of Georgia O'Keefe's paintings and it reminded me that when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was a little bit flower vaj-tastic. Flowers to my flower. ;)

VARIOUS - Inspiration Comes Easy

In these dark days where depression stalks the land like a spider on stilts (couple of stilts, I mean it is a spider after all, we're talking four pairs) it can be hard to feel fired up and ready to take on the world and enbrace the day anew. So why not have a bunch of movie stars do it for you... with added Fozzie Bear. Stick with this for the full two minutes then punch the air in 'Breakfast Club' style glory.

POETRY - Give Me What I Need

Give Me What I Need

Poetry and laughter, how frivolous the sound

Where imminent disaster and misery abound

Les Fleurs du Malcontent lie strangled in the weed

You may never know what I want, but I know what I need.

A victim by profession; blame it on the girl

With the vacant possession of the sedentary world

I believe in miracles, it's written in the creed

Immaculate connection.

Give me what I need.

John Cooper Clarke

VARIOUS - I Throw My Shoes At You

This is brilliant wicked fun. I hope this starts a series of shoe throwing political attacks... Maybe Gordon Browne and some flip flops, Boris Jonson and a brogue, Kerry Katona and a welly boot full of dog muck and jelly (granted she's not a politician but oh what a lovely image).