Tuesday, 31 March 2009

VARIOUS - Sad News People...

Sad News people as the following news story will attest...

Actor and singer Andy Hallett has passed away, aged 33.

Hallet, best known for his recurring role as Lorne in hit US TV show Angel, died from heart failure following a five-year battle against heart disease.

He landed his first break after he was dragged on stage at a concert to sing with Patti LaBelle - the performance kickstarted his career as a singer-songwriter. Hallett was spotted during a revue at a Los Angeles nightclub by Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, who created the demon character Lorne in the show's spin-off Angel just for him. The star appeared in 76 episodes before series ended in 2004. Hallet's subsequent ill health ended his acting career. He died on Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA, with his father Dave Hallett by his side.

But on weirdly coincidental almost whedon esque story arc... today it was also reported...

Alyson Hannigan was given a special gift on her 35th birthday - her first-born child. The actress and husband Alexis Denisof welcomed baby Satyana into the world on 24 March - meaning mother and daughter will share the special anniversary.

A spokesperson for the star tells People.com, "They're very excited, and mom and baby are doing great." Hannigan and Denisof met on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2000 and married in California in 2003.

Monday, 30 March 2009

POETRY - A Few More Keys

Some further examples of Tim Key's poetry as found on the website www.timkey.co.uk.

I didn’t know how to respond
Be happy about her sex-change!
Or throw my soup on her!

“Marry me!” Said Rory to May.
Rory gorped.
Was this the new May?
His champagne flute exploded in his hands.

“I love you baby”.
She kissed me and I unwrapped her gift.
It was a Moby C.D.
Yes! She’d listened.
She’d picked up on my hints.
I drew her to me

“Will you?”
She touched my knee.
It was nice to be sitting with someone who gave a shit.

VARIOUS - Beatle Bricks

Lego plus the Beatles plus album covers equals Lego Beatle album covers. Here are some Lego Beatle Album covers. Look at them now with your face and be amused, just slightly, but watch how most of that amusement has faded by the time you've finished reading this.

POETRY - I've Got The Key...

Yaaay Tim Key! Been watching many a many episode of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and just loving whenever Tim Key pops up with his unique brand of poetry. Hats off to Mr key... that's... it really...

Sunday, 29 March 2009

MUSIC - Willy Mason

Look him in the eyes
There's no need to be scared
He's as powerless as you and me,
Though his face is well worn
And his clothes a bit torn
That don't mean that you shouldn't believe,
When he asks you your name
Says 'brother we're all here in the same game'
But you shrink back like he's a disease,
Yeah you shake and you moan
You say 'oh please take me home'
And the homeless all sing the reprise.

It's a hard hand to hold
That is looking for control
It is tempting to fight
When you know that you're right,
It's hard to lie down
When you don't trust the ground
It's hard to hold on,
It's hard to hold on.

Walking home again
becomes a battle with the wind
As it teases your previsions against shame,
Like all that wax in your hair
It becomes painfully clear
That as long as it's a fight, you'll never win,
And when you get to the door
You're still so busy fighting wars
That you can't look upon your lady as a friend,
You're trying so hard to be right
You miss the love in that first sight
And your lover feels alone once again.

Entering the liquor store
You try your hardest to ignore
That street sleeper on your left there all alone,
And the young men on your right
With unchained souls and love of night
You look so scared they laugh and wonder if your stoned,
But somewheredeep inside
They feel a pain they've learned to hide
Because that same fear has brought much trouble on their homes,
And they know you won't feel safe
Until that cop car wins its race
And another life is driven off its road.

It's a hard hand to hold
That is looking for control
It is tempting to fight
When you know that you're right,
It's hard to lie down
When you don't trust the ground
It's hard to hold on,
It's hard to hold on.

VARIOUS - The True D2

This is a segment from an even longer film which subtitles R2D2's bleeps and doinks to reveal what he's truly thinking. It's sometimes very funny but with all Internet things it goes on a bit too long and should be trimmed to it's best bits. This trimmed section being one of them.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

MUSIC - Faith Renewed

Faith No More are reforming to tour again and what better time to take a look at their swan song video. A cover of the Bee Gees 'I Started A Joke.' I'd never seen the video for this before and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of tv comedy actors involved in it; Martin Freeman, David Hoyle (Divine David, Nathan Barley), possibly Ann marie Duff and... well... some bloke who is on the Catherine Tate Show but we won't hold that against him.

VARIOUS - Small Pic

Does exactly what it says on the tin...

MOVIES - Robo Love

One of the most beautiful moments of a great great film.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

PHOTOS - With Lens & I

Some quality photos taken during the shooting of the legendary 'Withnail & I.' Stark and interesting enough to spark off a thousand bad impressions and a thousand more great quotes.

MUSIC - Be Still

The Stills are a few albums into their career and occasionally i catch the odd song from them and always think I should listen to them more. Particularly loved 'Lola Stars & Stripes' and this... Yup. I really do.

VARIOUS - Robot Wars

I have to give the blog 'filmdrunk' it's kudos because usually a lot of the particularly stupid random stuff i post I tend to find on their pages. Here's another prime example. The battle of the decade. Robot versus robot. With swords! And stinging comebacks!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

MOVIES - Jonze, Monsters & Fire

The trailer for Spike Jonze latest is out and it's the best trailer I've seen in ages... thanks to the great visuals and slow building brilliance of the Arcade Fire. You can't help but watch this and involuntarily open your mouth in a happy awe. If you don't know what 'Where The Wild Things Are' is then just look at these pics and it will all flood back...

POETRY - My Recent Dream

I dream of us at a party,

one past the point where the earnest

have timed their exits to perfection,

where the morbid hangers on

are too lost to move

or so lost they feel

these remaining fragments

may hold some as yet unseen treasure,

the pleasures they've drank all night to achieve.

Maybe two more sips to a kiss,

Making or passing out their only aim.

But now no longer their fault.

Strangers locked in the dregs

and the same song repeats and repeats

broken up by the staccato bleating

of non sequitur points

of even less purpose.

I ask you to leave, to take my hand.

You look back at it all

and then turn

to fix me with your eyes.

P Davidson 24/03/09

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

VARIOUS - Indie Fresh

Fresh Prince Acoustic @ Yahoo! Video

You know the way you've watched the opening credits to the Fresh prince of Bel-air and often sat back and thought... hmmmm.... if only this weren't some damn 'fly' and 'widditt' and was more akin to the soundtrack of teenage pregnancy-athon Juno? Well someone has answered your prayers... Peace, we outta here.

MOVIES - Tuesday Night Rhapsody

I was listening to some Gershwin whilst rewriting tonight, and then reading some of Woody Allen's book 'Mere Anarchy.' Naturally these two things combined into thoughts of this...

POETRY - He Fumbles At Your Spirit

He fumbles at your spirit
As players at the keys
Before they drop full music on;
He stuns you by degrees,

Prepares your brittle substance
For the ethereal blow,
By fainter hammers, further heard,
Then nearer, then so slow

Your breath has time to straighten,
Your brain to bubble cool, --
Deals one imperial thunderbolt
That scalps your naked soul.

Emily Dickinson

COMEDY - Hey Now

Comedy god #67 or Something (there's no order or ranking, 67 seems quite high or low but really there's no barometer). Anyway give it up for a Lil bit of Jeffrey Tambor and one of TVs finest creations 'hey now' Hank Kingsley.

MUSIC - Beards, Guitars & Empathy

To follow such bad music and possible ill will there's this video from Iron & Wine. Granted is as much of a tonal change as playing Johnny Cash's hurt at a kid's party but it still does the job for me.

MOVIES - I work here, I carry a badge

Tom Hanks is a smooth mutha... white boy rap is bad enough (previous beastie boy post excluded) but white boy celebrity 80's comedy rap tie in is just one step too far. Still at least they had the excuse that they were just acting the part... the same cannot be said for the guys who wrote this and perform the 'singy' bits.

Monday, 23 March 2009

COMICS - No Comment Necessary

COMEDY - Slow Suicide

One of the best sketches from Chris Morris' Jam. In general it's a series that hasn't aged that well but is still packed with brilliant moments (Mark Heap and Kevin Eldon should have their own show together... but god it would be disturbing).

MUSIC - All You Klingons In Your Grandma's House

There is only way to follow up a section on abstract expressionism... and it's to follow it with a great Beastie Boys track. One that has the line 'Like Miss Piggy... MmmmmMoi??" Ch check check it out.

ART - It's Just A Bunch of Colours

A bit more abstract expressionism for a Monday evening. These are a few paintings by Helen Frankenthaler. People probably say "it's a blooming mess of colours slapped on a canvas, and a thalidomide midget with epilepsy could do better." Those people are weird. Just step away from them and take time to enjoy a very engaging blend of subtle colours (except for the top one, that's called 'flirt.' The cheeky 80 yr old minx).

Saturday, 21 March 2009

MUSIC - Bleary Eyes

Bought a proper copy of Bright Eyes' album 'I'm Wide Awake, It's morning' today. It being one of my most played and loved albums of recent years. It features this song 'Lua' and the fantastic 'at the bottom of everything' and also 'first day of my life.' So if you're reading this say hi. I've still got the songs, they're just a play button away.

COMEDY - The Big Wadge Issue 1

Spent three hours tonight doing this rather than sleeping. When a stupid idea hits me I am but it's willing slave. Damn the combination of photoshop and boredom is quite potent. Most people probably just superimpose breasts on things... not this cat! No way, no how!

Friday, 20 March 2009

ART - Lil Minimalism

I've been trying to look up artists whose work I've never really looked at before. When doing searches I always seem to go for the same bunch of names (Hopper, Rothko, Bacon and essentially all the standard life questioning canvas slumpers). So this is the work of Franz Kline, a name I've heard but never really looked at before. The winner for me has to be the top pic entitled 'Newyork ny.' Actually does sort of sum it up.

MUSIC - Fake Empire

Here is The National (not the official video of course, You Tube wouldn't like that sort of thing). And just to reiterate the lyrics aren't "we're half baked in a feckin pie." Great song with a cool build. Yaay

Thursday, 19 March 2009


It's been a while since i just posted something straight off of Graham Linehan's blog but when it comes to a new slice of John C Reilly then sometimes I can't help. He's all sorts of excellent in this, including his food too hot reaction.

MUSIC - Holland Stomp About

Upbeat, dirty guitars and shouty americans. Sometimes I just want skuzzy indie and if Cold War Kids want to provide that's cool by me.

VARIOUS - Thatcher Does Python

Jesus, politicians can't do comedy at all. Look at how dead she is behind the eyes whilst the assembled pensioners have near coronaries at how fabulously funny she is.

Sweet mercy.

I included this because I'm just finished writing a sketch based on that most famous of python pieces, now I've kind of gone off it after seeing that...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

BASS - How Low Can You Go?

There's nothing more preposterous than massive rock concerts for 'charidee.' Good intentions get lost in cocaine ego fests hidden by back combed hair and lashing and lashings of Bono-isms. Sometimes though they have Spinal Tap on stage with every other bass player in the world singing about women's arses.

Sometimes they get it right.

MUSIC - It's A Grower...

When 'Ulysses' came out my general opinion was harmless enough Messrs Ferdinand doing their old thing but... dang, it's a grower. From out of nowhere I keep finding myself drawn to it. I think it's the opening salvo of Boosh-esque keyboards before the chorus builds. Or maybe that in some ways it's as catchy as syphilis. It's not cool to have it but truth be tolding the getting it was fun.

VARIOUS - Moore, Lee & A Hairy Snake

Alan Moore shares his beliefs with Stewart Lee. Hairy Paris Hilton looking snakes versus religious fundamentalism. But who's better. There's only one way to find out...

MOVIES - 500 Days of Me

Somebody decided to make an indie comedy romance film and it seems their target demographic is me and all my fay excesses. Really from the casting of Zooey Deschanel to The Smiths and Regina Spektor to the knowing commentary almost all these things scream 'you will watch this, and sigh winsomely and then go home and listen to Death Cab for Cutie'... and I will! And damn it they won't stop me!

VARIOUS - Would've Made A Better Movie...

These are pics from Sky in New Zealand advertising the showing of 'Alien Vs Predator.' These pics are better than the whole film, the whole idea of the film and anyone and everything connected to the film. Had the movie been this then it wouldn't have singularly managed to kill two massive franchises in one go.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

MUSIC - Ken The Indie Years

'Legacy' by Mansun. Mansun were the only named band to play our students union in the three years we went there. (Coleraine, not a big college town). This Todd Hayne's style video for the first track off their second album was a regular player on my walkman on the Coleraine train.

POETRY - Customary Suits

Your eyes scrutinise wisely

My wayward wellings of woe

And question my customs of cruelty

In spearing with sadness my soul

And observing the open opulence

Of bedecking my being in black

Your pursed lips list lengthily

How my darkened dreams detract

From my pity cries of mercy

My feigned forward paths

And how can I say I suffer

If I revel in collapse

Elements ignite these half truths

And illuminate the dents

Of the curved sides and boxes

Of our empty sentiments.

P Davidson 14/03/09


’Tis not alone my inky cloak, good mother,
Nor customary suits of solemn black,
Nor windy suspiration of forc’d breath,
No, nor the fruitful river in the eye,
Nor the dejected haviour of the visage,
Together with all forms, modes, shows of grief,
That can denote me truly; these indeed seem,
For they are actions that a man might play:
But I have that within which passeth show;
These but the trappings and the suits of woe.

Friday, 13 March 2009

MUSIC - Sweet Relief

It's comic relief night. And so here's some music. It's not a comic relief song because with all the good will in the world they really suck a big unfunny donkey.

So here's the wonder stuff with 'Give Give Give, Me More More More.'

Also here from the genius that is Peter Serafinowicz is the best way to donate plus come up with vegetable related pop puns... click and see!


ART - Abts Pupil

And now in the gallery... some work by the prize winning artist Tomma Abts. Nice shapes and colours bouncing off each other in a great lil working way.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

MUSIC - Lil Bit Of Bobby

Here's a great video from Bobby Conn, whilst we still can... You Tube have decided to take all it's pop promos off line. A fall out to do with the performance rights... but am I not right in saying that pop promo is a 'promo'... an advert for songs, artists and albums... do we now have to pay for the adverts?

VARIOUS - Is That Your Final Answer...

These are two examples of student essays from that America. Two very different answers to two very different questions but I can't quite decide which is funniest. Click on both and see which one you think...

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

COMICS - Frank Miller's Peanuts

Following the Peanuts gang as Watchmen pic a few days ago here we have Chuck and gang going all Frank Miller in Sin City. It's a cool homage to both so click on the pic to have a proper read.

MUSIC - Four Part in Two Minutes

Been listening to Fleet Foxes again recently and then the culture show did a special on them tonight. 'White Winter Hymnal' just won't escape me but it's so damn good I'll let it stay lodged in my catchy place.

Monday, 9 March 2009

COMEDY - Gags from Edinburgh 2008

"Whenever I see a man with a beard, moustache and glasses, I think, 'There's a man who has taken every precaution to avoid people doodling on photographs of him" – Carey Marx

"The definition of bipolar? A sexually curious bear" – Marcus Birdman

"If Britons were left to tax themselves, there would be no schools, no hospitals, just a 500-mile-high statue of Diana, Princess of Wales" – Andy Zaltzman

"I know someone whose dream is to be an actor but they're not that good – they got mugged, and had to audition for the part of themselves on 'Crimewatch'. They got Passer-by No 2" – Isy Suttie

"My Nan had a plastic hip put in, but I thought she should have replaced it with a Slinky, 'cause if she fell down the stairs again..." – Steve Williams

"I used to go out with Christopher Reeve, but I just had to keep standing him up" – Steve Hall

"Where I'm from, people aren't quick. A girl once asked her mum, 'Can I have a Cadbury's Creme Egg?' The mum said, 'No, you can't Danielle, I've already told you, darling – bird flu!'" – Tom Deacon

"I once buggered a man unconscious. I'm lying, he was already unconscious when I found him" – Tom Deacon

"My granny was recently beaten to death by my granddad. Not as in, with a stick – he just died first" – Alex Horne

MUSIC - Birthday Greetings!

Happy Birthday Ciaran Flanagan. Here is some classic footage of that song you like. I'm not saying that we should spend a night together. It's just a song, alright.

This clip is quality not only for seeing the stones young performing a great song but for me the introduction by Jimmy Saville clinches it.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

POETRY - Found On A Mobile Phone.

Rose wine tinted eyes,
Curve lightly to the side,
And find love where few else look.
Skewed vision from a concave thought,
The heart mends and bends,
With every breath.
Strains and stretches,
As life pushes past.

06/03/09 P Davidson.

MUSIC - Four tracked Fender Futer

I'm tempted to get back and futer with my fender and four track. If you want to blame anyone then the fact I was listening to Low this weekend is the key. One of those bands that always make me want to write (them, Teenage Fanclub and Clem Snide).
This is one of their louder great harmonising pieces.

VARIOUS - And I'm Cute Too

Ah Grover, one of the true unsung heroes of Sesame Street. he never gets the respect of Burt & Ernie, the adoration of Elmo, the cool cudos of Cookie Monster and he's not a prick like Big Bird. Enjoy this adventure as Grver kent assumes his new identity...

Friday, 6 March 2009

NOT ART - Badobama

Graham Linehan's blog linked to a collection of bad paintings of Barack Obama. But I think Mr Linehan missed a trick because although he showed some fine (truly awful) examples he missed these little gems here; 'Obama n' pants(?)', 'Obama eats the White House' and 'This psychic Obama will destroy us all.' Titles by me, paintings by the disturbed.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

VARIOUS - Tick Tick Tick... Boom!

Okay, the watchmen wait is nearly over. It's now officially released. No matter what you think of Zack Snyder's effort now is a perfect time to look at how it might have been handled...

VARIOUS - The Next Degeneration

I've just been watching a bunch of Star Trek The Next Generation mash ups. There's eighteen or so of these but the following made me laugh quite loudly (okay more likely a nerdish honk of a laugh but it's still valid).

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

MUSIC - Keeping It Nutsy

After Jeff Koons and various comedians, I might as well keep things going with the video for 'Frontier Psychiatrist.' Hmmm... whatever happened to the Avalanches?

PHOTOGRAPHY - Inanity Fair.

Vanity Fair have done a photo spread celebrating the new kings of Hollywood comedy (ie anyone who's ever been involved in a Judd Apatow movie ever). Some pf the photos are startling and barely recognisable (is that a good thing?) Above we see Paul Rudd as Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. Jason Segel as Buster Keaton and most surprising of all Seth Rogen as Frida Kahlo.

ART - The Wonderful World Of Jeff.

Here are some sculptures from the wonderfully skewed mind of Jeff Koons. Koons was also responsible for the large flower puppy outside the Guggenheim in Bilbao. His website www.jeffkoons.com is full of other great examples such as this. So if you want a bright walk on the weird side give it a look.

Monday, 2 March 2009

POETRY - Well, Kind Of...

Well, it's a song but it's by the poet, performer and musician and professional glasses wearer John Hegley. Plus it's got a nice sentiment... somewhere in there...

I need you like the sea needs the coast...
I need you like a dog needs a lamp post...

MUSIC - Meloncholie Rising

There's no better way to follow Murun Buchstansanger than with a little bit of the beautiful Midlake's Van Occupanther (from the album 'Trials of Van Occupanther').
Something by Fleet Foxes would have worked well but i got to this first.

VARIOUS - As Good As I Remembered...

Here is an episode of 'Murun Buchstansangur.' A cartoon I vaguely remembered from seeing years ago but I could never quite remember how to spell the title. Luckily Jim found it via the joys of You Tube and dear god it's as great and as bleak as I remembered it. One of the few examples of your childhood memory not disappointing you.

Sheer class. Watch it! Watch it now!