Saturday, 22 November 2008

VARIOUS - Bush Baby

Tee hee... look! Look at Bush! Look at him! And people actually questioned whether America was ready for Obama? Hmmm....


Yeah, the new Star Trek trailer is out. It could work but I'm sure the fans will be in uproar over things being slightly different. Yeah, much better to keep it the same and watch as it's franchised to death in an unending ad nauseum of slightly more watery characters and different head wear...

MUSIC - They will see us waving from such great heights...

Little bit of 'The Postal Service.' Such Great Heights is an amazing song and has been covered brilliantly by the likes of Iron & Wine and Ben Folds. Take time out to listen to the original and hear some seattle based indie pop that is genuinely uplifting. Hugs and kisses to those that need them.

VARIOUS - Did Charles Dickens like jam?

In the continuing list of positive blog entries I've included the excellent Peter Serafinowicz again with 'Charles Dickens Fruit Corners.'

My favourite bit the note saying 'store in refrigerated bookcase.'

Bless 'em.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

VARIOUS - Somethings Make Your Soul Smile (Pish)

I have photoshop. It can be used for many many important things. I've used it to change Countdown so that Carol Vorderman spells out 'Pish.' Yes. That's Me. That's just what i do.

VARIOUS - Randy Old Bear

ON a further cheerier note... here is a classic from my childhood. It's Scooter and the fabulous furry free wheeling Fozzy Bear covering Randy Newman. It's there take on his classic 'Simon Smith & His Amazing Dancing Bear.'

VARIOUS - How Big Is The Whale?

Again, just fighting back against negativity and the like... This was posted on Graham Linehan's Blog 'Why That's Delightful.' It's a small clip that can't help but make people smile. Should be more of this in the world... Actually that last line sounded a bit negative too didn't it?

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

VARIOUS - Charlie Brown Is As Charlie Brown Does

This is the third Peanuts outing this week. It's another great Charlie Brown one. Forget Snoopy the show boating mutha. Chuck was where it was at.

MUSIC - Sweeter than a drop of blood...

Okay, so to combat growing reports of world weariness creeping into my reports (well one phone call... that I instigated) I've decided to go super chipper to the point of shitting myself. Okay maybe not that far... but anyway this is the Big Wadge with upped dosage! So strap your dancing shoes to your head and watch the very funny, very good video for Yo La Tengo's 'Sugarcube.' Enjoy.

Monday, 10 November 2008

VARIOUS - Further Peanut Related Wisdom

This is part two of my gut punching collection of Charlie Brown-isms. What follows is occasionally how I feel when I try to impress that important person in my life.


These are idents from Harry Hill's TV Burp that... well... not so much rip off my comedy group as beat us to the punch again. Damn our lack of actual success. We have a character that we've written and recorded called 2ft Barry White. It's like when Justin Timberlake did 'Dick-in-a-box' a few years after we did 'cock-in-a-box.'

This means one of two things! Either my ideas are so good they're easily profitable! Or my ideas are ten a penny and any schlub in marketing can come up with them!


MUSIC - Told You I Should Go To Bed

Really, should a song as upbeat as this have lyrics as crushingly apt as this? Prince can stuff his 'Nothing Compares 2 U' up his plush purple velveteen hole. These lyrics by Stephen merritt of 'The Magnetic Fields' still hold true.

I don't want to get over you.
I guess I could take a sleeping pill
and sleep at will and not have to
go through what I go through.
I guess I should take Prozac, right,
and just smile all night at somebody new,
Somebody not too bright but sweet and kind
who would try to get you off my mind.
I could leave this agony behind
which is just what I'd do if I wanted to,
but I don't want to get over you

cause I don't want to get over love.
I could listen to my therapist,
pretend you don't exist
and not have to dream of what I dream of;
I could listen to all my friends
and go out again and pretend it's enough,
or I could make a career of being blue-
-I could dress in black and read Camus,
smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth
like I was 17 that would be a scream
but I don't want to get over you.

MUSIC - Quarter past what in the morning??

Again I'm having difficulty getting to sleep... My brain seems to pick one o'clock in the morning as the time to be the most alert. Script ideas, music ideas (recorded a piano tune today and have a great idea for a guitar part) and random Internet shite buzz round my head.

I then spend the first third of every day somewhere between comatose and depressed. Hmmm... cause and effect anyone?

So today's song is 'Day sleeper' by REM. Easily one of my favourite songs of theirs.(The others being 'Half A World Away,' 'Drive' and 'E Bow The Letter' for those who wants to know).

Sunday, 9 November 2008

POETRY - Caffeine Fits

After Thoughts & Coffee Spoons

My soul,
Like sugar,
Dissolves with every stir.
Coffee beans bounce
Past perscriptive pills,
Both angling,
For Attention,
In the midst,
Of a mid morning
Coffee shop.

Peter Davidson 22/10/08

VARIOUS - The Wisdom Of Peanuts

I'm a big fan of Charles M Schulz's 'Peanuts.' Mainly the character of Charlie Brown who I sometimes strangely find myself empathising with. I was flicking through a number of peanuts strips and each one of the Charlie Brown ones definitely rang home stronger than just being a pithy skit. Oh, I like that phrase 'Pithy Skit'... sounds almost like a Dickensian urchin. I'll put on one every few days. The first one is about hope for the future...

MUSIC - Childish Is As Childish Does.

I'm so childish, a little bit wildish
With my rumdiddlyumdiddlyumdiddly, I'm so deep
Well I'm so garish, a little unfairish
The way I pick you up, and drop you in a heap

I'm so unfaithful, in fact I'm a plateful
I won't kiss her, but I'll stare her up all night
I'm a stormy little singer, an unstable little swinger
If you're coming, come prepared for a fight

Well I'm so childish, a little bit wildish
With my rumdiddlyumdiddlyumdiddly, I'm so deep
Well I'm so uncaring, do far too much swearing
And if you read through my behaviour, you'll find I'm a creep

I'll play a stormer, yet in the corner
I'll be grumpy on my own, like I don't care
I'm a stormy little singer, an unstable little swinger
With a big rip, in the arsehole of my flares

Well I'm so childish, a little bit wildish
With my rumdiddlyumdiddlyumdiddly, I'm so mad
I'm so truthful, a little bit bruteful
But in sooth I know not, why I am so sad

I try my bestest, well as far the restest
Well it's just stuff that comes out wrong, and gets misunderstood
I'm a dandy little dreamer, a doctored misdemeanour
A didactic destiny schemer, bare with me if you would...


A great sketch from 'Man Stroke Woman' with Nick Frost playing to his strengths. 'One, two, tit pie!!' It's the phrase that pays and should be next years 'am I bovvered' or 'yeah but no but' or the equally famous 'Trevor! That thing's got the face of methuzulah!


MUSIC - Rise Up With Fists!

It's always good when two things you like are combined... In this video you have Jenny Lewis (of 'Rilo Kiley') along with the sexy funny Sarah Silverman! And they're both doing a spoof of 'Hee Haw.' What is not to love about that? Oh and the song is great too which I'm sure is an added bonus. 'Rise Up With Fists!'