Tuesday, 14 July 2009

MUSIC - Future Guessing Heads

If I could cheat, I'd skip to the end...

This song once gave me a great idea for a movie script. Need to get back to it at some time, wrote over forty pages of it before two years ago. Hmmm...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

VARIOUS - On A Similar Note

Creepy but funny but creepy but funny... oh what a mental minefield!

PHOTOS - Drunk Babies

Hey look! It's a baby! And it's got a beer!
It's a rites of passage for any child. Hand them a beer and take a photo. Heroin babies, not that funny though.

MOVIES - Day Trippers

Greg Mottola, the writer and director of this film, has gone on to bigger things with Superbad, Adventureland and his next film with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost which is currently filming. Though I can't help but think fondly back to Liev Schrieber's author in 'Daytrippers.'

"he's a pointer... but he can't point..."

VARIOUS - We've All Been There

I'm sure we can all share this kids pain. Life, oh life, oh life... doo doo doo.

MUSIC - Magic Numbers For Today.

A little bit of the Magic Numbers to combat this dizzy sunday.

VARIOUS - Movie Movie Movie starts with M

Empire do a weekly photo shop film poster mash up on various subjects. Dear God can it be hit and miss, with added miss, but obviously these ones took my fancy. Even though they were listed under 'Muppet mash up' and technically Sesame street isn't the muppets even though it features many muppet puppets. Some people just don't understand.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

MOVIES - Punch Drunk Moments

I still haven't gotten round to watching 'There will be blood.' As much as I love PT Anderson and a reinvention of the language of cinema I still feel it's one I have to build to. But in the meantime we can all enjoy one of my favourite scenes from 'Punch Drunk Love.' Heart breaking, funny, odd, brilliantly filmed and Adam Sandler's acting is fantastic.

Who saw that coming?

MUSIC - You Don't Need an Indie Song...

Taken from "The View" special featuring Neil Hannon and Duke Special... Here Duke covers one of the great underrated Divine Comedy songs from 'Regeneration.' It perfectly suits his style and is a great performance.

Every pupil in the classroom will answer the same if you ask them
Every mouth shout the message out as one
Every girl weeps like the willow, every boy cries into his pillow
Every tear disappears in the morning sun
You don't need an indie song to figure out what's going on

Tell me that I'm normal, tell me that I'm sane
Tell me that you feel this too
All the dreams that we have had are gonna prove
that we're not mad to you

VARIOUS - Black Voldemort

In the passing and grieving of Michael Jackson one important thing seems to have been over looked. This freaky eyed guy who helped sing Michael to his slumber.

Turns out he's not the black voldemort but actually a session singer called Darryl Phinnessee.

Don't know which is worse.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

MOVIES - 18 seconds of fear and loathing

To quote The IT Crowd, 'Johnny Depp... what a revelation!"

MUSIC - Nerd Alert!

Ben Folds just recorded an album of university a Capella groups recording cover versions of his work. One of these is this cover of 'You Don't Know Me.' Vocally complex and interesting... but even I find it hard to get past the geek factor.

MUSIC - I Could Sleep

When I lived alone was there a ghost in my house?

Band of Horses from the album 'Cease to Begin.'

COMEDY - Bitterness, it's there for you...

Comedian Robbie Bonham played Derry again the other night and I had the priviledge of hanging about with him, drinking diet coke and discussing various Star Trek off shoots and their merits. This is a recent posting from his facebook page.

POETRY - Thoughts & Double Cross.

Distant thoughts double cross my actions,
the ultimate unknowing of an other
fades in respect
to the ultimate questioning of self.
My thoughts flit
to where she stays
and sneak back again during night.

We need the world to move
at a self regulated pace,
we need our days to be filled
with a self congratulatory tone.

My words can lift spirits
But the manufacture
holds me down.
We balance each other,
we juggle our work,
when we lie
we do not rest.

Peter Davidson 07/07/09

Sunday, 5 July 2009

ART - Odd Old Photos

I've been busy over the past few weeks looking for old photos and oddities to adorn the set for 'LTC' (and then we didn't use them, they kind of fell over alot). But here are some of the highlights...