Monday, 23 November 2009

POETRY - The Crash.

You go home.
Adrenaline slowly makes its way out of your system,
Your tired bones a constant reminder,
Your face still flushed from blushing,
A whir of words and gestures
Executed as best you could,
the recall, the replay,
the pleasantries,
the lies.
False love on a lit stage.
In those moments you said and gave all you could
And still rang false.
The phone buzzes silently in your top pocket
You go home.
As momentum seeps from every pore.

P.Davidson 23/11/09

COMEDY - Extra laughs

Met last week with a number of the people behind BBC Comedy Extra website. This was one of the clips they didn't show us but one that would slightly highlight what I'd like to try and achieve. Short sharp shocks with a nice visual tiwst.

VARIOUS - Happy Birthday Sesame Street

Sesame Street celebrated it's 40th birthday and rather than party on down with nostalgic songs and ageist digs they partied hard with these google links. Corporate tie-ins have never looked more fun. The highlight of dull days on the internet.

MUSIC - Will they ever... will they ever believe me?

The boy with the thorn in his side
Behind the hatred there lies
A murderous desire for love
How can they look into my eyes
And still they don't believe me ?
How can they hear me say those words
Still they don't believe me ?
And if they don't believe me now
Will they ever believe me ?
And if they don't believe me now
Will they ever, they ever, believe me ?
Oh ...

The boy with the thorn in his side
Behind the hatred there lies
A plundering desire for love
How can they see the Love in our eyes
And still they don't believe us ?
And after all this time
They don't want to believe us
And if they don't believe us now
Will they ever believe us ?
And when you want to Live
How do you start ?
Where do you go ?
Who do you need to know ?

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

MUSIC - Dancing is Compulsory

Right, it's Wednesday. It's hump day so shake your rump day to the music of Devendra Banhart.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

VARIOUS - Lookin for Love

Okay, actually this may be the best thing ever. Thinking of doing a LTC version of this but to be honest I don't think it'd ever be as good as the real thing.

COMEDY - Harvey Dent... Can he be Trusted??

Best thing I have seen in ages. Full stop. End of argument. This wins.

ART - Gauguin vs The Yellow Jesus

And now for a bit of Tuesday Art. Treat this as a nice cleansing sorbe of culture to wash away the fizzy pop of arty news. Something like that. Or just look at the cool pic of Gauguin beside his famous yellow christ pic. Matt Greoning owes him some money.

COMEDY - The Concept of War

First new sketch work since Edinburgh and the start of a series of lil sketches filmed and edited that'll make up a new 'McGuffin.' This one shouldn't take two years to complete though. Part two of this sketch to be online soon.

MUSIC - Floppy Jarvis

Sorry, haven't updated this in quite sometime... but now I'm back and to celebrate it here is a quality image of a floppy Jarvis. His new album isn't quite as good as Jarvis' 'Jarvis' album but add the visuals of him flopping all around the place and suddenly everything is good with the world again).