Wednesday, 24 September 2008

MUSIC - The boy.... THE BOY!!!!

In the quiet hours I've been strumming on my electric guitar. I've been thinking of writing some songs again... and then I think about what sort of song I'd like to write. Well, this sort of song would be awesome. It fires me up when ever I listen to it and I always have to hit the volume switch just so I can shout "the boy... the BOY!!!!" along with it.

I will never be able to write a song liek this so you'll just have to make do with The Raconteurs and 'Broken Boy Soldiers.'

VARIOUS - May Is The Month Of Quincy

This clip brings back too many memories of a bygone era of student friends drinking too much and then creating a shrine to the god like Quincy. To all those who lived in Stranmillis, I salute you.

MOVIES - Fumble In The Jungle


Directed by: Ben Stiller
Starring: Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Brandon T Jackson & Jay Baruchel.
Screenplay by: Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux & Etan Cohen.
Rated: 15. Running time: 102 mins Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures.

Ben Stiller starring comedies pop up on a fairly regular basis. By now he’s made his way around at least half the leading ladies of Hollywood (Drew Barrymore, Jenifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz to name a few). A very different beast however is the Ben Stiller directed movie.

Ben Stiller has been directing movies ever since his film career began. It’s been a weird assortment of films that he’s added to his CV. He began with a Winona Ryder indie romance called ‘Reality Bites. Then he followed that with ‘The Cable Guy.’ This Jim Carrey film was a flop upon its initial release but has since found a cult audience and a switch in critical reception. It was all a question of timing as people where kind of ‘Jim Carrey’ed out at that stage and weren’t quite ready for his new dark direction. Timing is something he perfected to great aplomb for his next theatrical release. Stiller’s third film ‘Zoolander’ is his stone cold comedic classic. It’s an endlessly quotable tale of assassination and male modelling. Along with Anchorman it is one of the zeniths of recent American comedy.

So as his box office stature grew and he was teamed with yet another Hollywood starlet, critics and fans alike wondered what would happen next time he got behind the camera. Would he be able to top Zoolander or would we be all ‘Stiller’ed out by the time of its release?

Tropic Thunder, just like Zoolander, is a satire of a vacuous and egotistical world. This time Hollywood gets the boot and no part of tinsel town gets away unscathed. Stiller plays a washed up action hero unable to make the leap into proper drama. Robert Downey Jr plays a five time Oscar winning actor who only goes out of character after the DVD commentary. Jack Black is the drug fuelled fart peddling comedy guy who bares an uncanny resemblance to the late Chris Farley.

The film essentially plays as ‘The Three Amigos’ meets ‘Platoon’ as the spoilt actors end up getting involved in a real war without their knowledge. As they stumble through the jungle sometimes the gag rate hits an inconsistency. Occasionally this is because when they get it right it is so right that it’s a hard level to maintain. Other times it’s because some of the characters could do with more fleshing out. Jack Black, who usually rocks at this manic thing, only really comes to life later in this movie when he’s strapped to a tree. His wide eyed ‘Farley-isms’ just feel flatter than usual.

Maybe this is just in comparison with Downey Jr’s scene stealing turn as Kirk Lazarus, the most non politically correct character to appear on screen for some time. With ‘Iron Man’ and now this Downey Jr is at the peak of his career and it’s hard not to seem a little flat against that.

It doesn’t quite reach the Zoolander level of comedy highs. This might be because of the action element to it. Just like last weeks ‘Pineapple Express’ the humour in the final third does slow down in favour of some good old fashioned gun play. You get a lot more bang for your buck but a chuckle would do equally as well.

What ‘Tropic Thunder’ has proved however is that this is a good time for American comedy movies. This is the third successive week where a strong comedy has opened in the box office and for that I salute you.

That Ben Stiller. He’s so hot right now.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

MUSIC - Push Play For Frustration

The Walkmen are a band that haven't exactly been blessed with a tonne of success. They kind of got sweeped along in the wave of Strokes-lite haircut bands of the early '00s. Though 'The Rat' by them is one of the best guitar songs written. It pumps with Joy Division like intensity and has lyrics that are barked through with such intensity. The faster blunter male version of 'Maps' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

ART - Hopper State Of Mind

I haven't posted an art pic in a while. I've gone for Edward Hopper in connection to the previous poem and also because I think, more than anything, he reflects how we sometimes all feel. I'm definitely in a Hopper state of mind these days. The pic below is one of his most famous entitled 'Automat' and I think, male or female, we've all felt like that before.

POETRY - Single Cinema Seat

Single Cinema Seat

I am alone in my row
Two couples flank and mock me
But perched eloquently
in a squat like stance
is a mysterious figure.

A Lady.

A Fellow Single Cinema Seater.

Maybe I should meet her
or attempt to greet
someone as lonely as I

She may feel empty inside
she may even have died
and that is why

she's not moved in half an hour.

Peter Davidson 08/04/2002

Friday, 19 September 2008

VARIOUS - Film Posters Be Crazy

The above image is the Polish poster for 'Weekend At Bernies' which is far better than the actual film weekend at Bernies. This looks like something the Oscars would love. You really can't judge a book by it's Polish artistic representation.

MUSIC - Husker Do's & Don'ts

It's back in time with a bit of Husker Du. I was going to go with Maximo Park but then I uncovered this lil' video from their 'warehouse songs & stories' album and it reminded me of the wonderfully wonderfully brilliant Bob Mould.

Wish most garage bands these days would stop the 'stop start' jaggy guitar schtick and go back to fuzz and melody.


After the depressing honesty of that last bit (I say honesty but it's not like I wrote that song so... fifty fifty)I decided to a comedic thing and start compiling my comedy greats.

Everybody is knackered after the comedy festival but now I'm going to start with my COMEDY FANTASY FESTIVAL LINE UP.

If I had my own comedy festival and all the money in the world, and didn't have to worry about attendance or Derry audience's lack of knowledge of anything they haven't been battered over the head with on BBC One, then this is what I'd pick!!


I've seen him about four or five times in the past and I could do with another Kitson fix. Mmmmm... Fixton.

LYRICS - Sometimes other people say it better...

The future takes us where it leads
Our heads just go beneath the waves
Time tells all and we obey
But how can I be mad at you
You did what you did
And you followed through
You were the one who always said
'Forget it and move on'

But I'm not sad, I'm just disappointed
And I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed

Well the years they get on top of you
The working load it tallied up
And you went down
Beneath it all like anybody would
And I'm just ambling on in this town
I can't get out and it drags me down
And these words don't really fit what I'm feeling now

But I'm not sad, I'm just disappointed
And I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed
And you're not lost, you're just misdirected
And we're not going, oh nowhere
THE FRAMES - Disappointed (From 'For The Birds').

MUSIC - Belfast & Sebastian

Apparently 'Belle & Sebastian' are releasing a BBC Sessions Album in November which will include a second CD of a concert live from Belfast. Now judging by the set listing and distant memories I think this is a recording from the Mandella Hall in about 2002 0r 2003 where they played whilst being supported by The Frames.

It certainly is a nice surprise and I feel all bands should launch albums of concerts I have attended and can just about remember. It seems almost the courteous thing to do. You could go ahead, get wasted and really enjoy the gig safe in the knowledge there will be a pristine edited highlight compilation waiting for you when the booze settles.

The track listing includes the following... Classic Belle...

'Here Comes The Sun''There's Too Much Love''The Magic Of A Kind Word''Me And The Major''Wandering Alone''The Model''I'm Waiting For The Man''The Boy With The Arab Strap''The Wrong Girl''Dirty Dream # 2''Boys Are Back In Town''Legal Man'

Sunday, 7 September 2008

POETRY - Gr8 Wrds


To text or not to text,
That is the affliction,
as weighty tomes fight off
recycled ring tones
and polyphonic paralysis
grips the reader with fear.

To text or not to text,
that is the addiction,
the conscription
that has captured us all
as the soldiers of 'Jamster'
march forever onwards
on the graves of metaphor
and great words
gone before.

Peter Davidson 13/06/05

COMEDY - Wednesday, wednesday, wednesday

This is usually a non Love the Concept blog. And for all 'Love the Concept' stuff look nay further than '' and then shout at me to get round to updating it.

Anyway The concept have been as busy as beavers... yes, beavers... Prepping their new show and enjoying the delights of the big tickle comedy festival. We've already opened for David O'Doherty (nice gig, nice crowd) and seen Fred Cooke, Robbie Bonham, Reginald D Hunter and Colin Murphy all do sets... and we're only three days in.

Next week we have a show with Edinburgh winner Phil Nichol who is a manic ball of Canadian energy so fingers crossed we can keep a strong set and do ourselves proud. I first heard of Phil Nichol when he was in a group called 'Corky & The Juice Pigs'. Below is an example of their classic song 'the only gay Eskimo'...

MUSIC - Shouty Quick Indie Kids

Okay, making it modern now with 'Los Campesinos!'... I don't know much about this band except that in under two minutes they managed to make one of the catchiest songs I've heard since the last time I talked about a song being really catchy.

Most of my new music is filtered through respectable mags for the ageing connoisseur (magazines like Word and Uncut) and so apart from the cursory look at music news on NME.COM I really couldn't make a claim to any zeitgeist style finger on pulse.

So I don;t know if this song is hip with the kids, or if I should just be silently shuffling in my duffle to a dinosaur Jr reissue and stop embarrassing myself... but I like it. And at 1 min 50 you should too!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

MUSIC - Okay, one more 90s music thing...

Alright then, this is the last bit about mid nineties alternative rock... for now... but just read that 'Ben Folds Five' would be reforming for a one off gig and it just made me think about all the classic line ups I'd love to see. I have seen Ben Folds live but without Darren Jessee and Robert Sledge so to saee them together would be all types of quality.

Same with the Lemonheads, I've seen them several times but never the Dave Ryan and Nic Dalton set. In addition my anally retentive autistic list wouldn't be complete without the original Smashing Pumpkins line up of Billy Corgan, James Iha, D'Arcy Wretzky and Jimmy Chamberlain. (Paid to see them but then never got a chance).

And finally to see R.E.M. reunited with Bill Berry would make me skip and jump and hop like a good 'un. I saw them just before he left and I love their stuff old and new but to hear them rattle through Orange Crush, Begin the Begin, The One I Love, Electrolite etc would just be magical.

Okay, fan boy day dreaming over...

MUSIC - It Really Is About Time

Today it's The Lemonheads with 'It's About Time.' I can't believe I've gone this long without a lemonheads track on here so there really couldn't be a more apt song. Plus it ties into a number of other things too. My sister is currently in labour and has been on and off for the past three days so I'm sure she would appreciate it. My other sister has just received the first review of her new book and it's a glowing response so that's great to hear too.

As for me, looks like I'm in the long wait so I'll just have to content myself with this early Dando classic. Also only just noticed but he does actually snog a very young Angelina Jolie in this video, not bad for the a lanky big hippy with dubious nineties clothes. I promise the next video will be from this decade just to redress the old fart balance.

VARIOUS - Somethings Make Your Soul Smile

In the world of crappy remakes then can be none greater than Neil laBute's pointless 'Wickerman' remake. What really does help things though is when someone can do something as wonderful as this with some of the scenes.

Particularly great when passed through the Jim lecky school of performance and repeated to drunken delight ad nauseum. "The bees... the bees are in my eyes... oh the bees!"