Friday, 19 December 2008

VARIOUS - Make This Stop Now!

How can BBC Northern Ireland sleep at night? Their Friday night comedy entertainment and Christmas Spectacular consisted of the following;

FOLKS ON THE HILL - A retarded teletext lite political satire voiced by the worst impressionists in the history of the art form. Tired cliches bang off rancid animation and all mixed in with self important inward yet backward political comedy.

AN EVENING WITH JAMES YOUNG - End of pier comedian (as in throw him off one) William Caufield rejigs a dead comedy corpse by recreating the work of Norn Irish Funny man Jimmy Young. You know, the one that hated and drunk himself to death? Did he die for nothing? Has NI not moved passed his panto style cliches and polite sectarianism that weren't even cutting edge thirty years ago where they should have remained.

And what other delights have they lined up? A one hour special from the Hole In The Wall gang based on their derided and failed sketch show...

"The Hole in the Wall Gang's latest creation, the fabulous motor cycle mad McDowell brothers, return to BBC One Northern Ireland for a one-hour special ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou?’ The programme, from the creators of BBC Northern Ireland’s hugely successful Give My Head Peace follows on from the success of the gang's Dry Your Eyes series and sees Jonjo 1 and Jonjo 2 (Marty Reid and Michael McDowell) back on local screens. Damon Quinn who produces and stars in the programme said: "We couldn't resist the opportunity to write a script around the McDowell Brothers, who were one of the most popular characters to come out of Dry Your Eyes. We hope viewers will enjoy watching the programme as much as we have done making it!"

So lets recap shall we... bad animation, weak satire, tired old cliches and a stretched out failed sketch (if it was so successful why was it cancelled two years ago... and believe me it was cancelled). Seriously, what delusion sees this as a great strong line up? What was the last act BBC NI developed? The last time they took a risk with anything? Hole in The Wall Gang in 1992.

Rant over. Make this stop.

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