Tuesday, 10 February 2009

VARIOUS - Gammy Grammy

Seven shades of wanker! Last night I caught some of the Grammy award celebrations on TV. I'm usually a placid television watcher, not really prone to shouting at the TV, more slipping into a catatonic stupor of despair.

But this one riled me.

Now I'm vaguely aware of the work of The Jonas Brothers, teeny pop phenomenon wrapped up and bottled with the usual Disney subtlety. Last night they duetted with Stevie Wonder on one of their songs before sliding seamlessly (like a turd off porcelain) into 'Superstition.' Stevie has done enough things of greatness to demand better respect than this, and I'm not one to play the' blind' card but this is tantamount to abuse of the disabled. The mugging preening urchins faked guitar playing whilst leaping around shouting 'Come on Stevie!!!' at annoyingly regular intervals.

Very very very very very very very very very irritating.

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