Wednesday, 25 March 2009

POETRY - My Recent Dream

I dream of us at a party,

one past the point where the earnest

have timed their exits to perfection,

where the morbid hangers on

are too lost to move

or so lost they feel

these remaining fragments

may hold some as yet unseen treasure,

the pleasures they've drank all night to achieve.

Maybe two more sips to a kiss,

Making or passing out their only aim.

But now no longer their fault.

Strangers locked in the dregs

and the same song repeats and repeats

broken up by the staccato bleating

of non sequitur points

of even less purpose.

I ask you to leave, to take my hand.

You look back at it all

and then turn

to fix me with your eyes.

P Davidson 24/03/09

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