Sunday, 7 September 2008

COMEDY - Wednesday, wednesday, wednesday

This is usually a non Love the Concept blog. And for all 'Love the Concept' stuff look nay further than '' and then shout at me to get round to updating it.

Anyway The concept have been as busy as beavers... yes, beavers... Prepping their new show and enjoying the delights of the big tickle comedy festival. We've already opened for David O'Doherty (nice gig, nice crowd) and seen Fred Cooke, Robbie Bonham, Reginald D Hunter and Colin Murphy all do sets... and we're only three days in.

Next week we have a show with Edinburgh winner Phil Nichol who is a manic ball of Canadian energy so fingers crossed we can keep a strong set and do ourselves proud. I first heard of Phil Nichol when he was in a group called 'Corky & The Juice Pigs'. Below is an example of their classic song 'the only gay Eskimo'...

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