Friday, 19 September 2008

MUSIC - Belfast & Sebastian

Apparently 'Belle & Sebastian' are releasing a BBC Sessions Album in November which will include a second CD of a concert live from Belfast. Now judging by the set listing and distant memories I think this is a recording from the Mandella Hall in about 2002 0r 2003 where they played whilst being supported by The Frames.

It certainly is a nice surprise and I feel all bands should launch albums of concerts I have attended and can just about remember. It seems almost the courteous thing to do. You could go ahead, get wasted and really enjoy the gig safe in the knowledge there will be a pristine edited highlight compilation waiting for you when the booze settles.

The track listing includes the following... Classic Belle...

'Here Comes The Sun''There's Too Much Love''The Magic Of A Kind Word''Me And The Major''Wandering Alone''The Model''I'm Waiting For The Man''The Boy With The Arab Strap''The Wrong Girl''Dirty Dream # 2''Boys Are Back In Town''Legal Man'

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