Wednesday, 3 September 2008

MUSIC - It Really Is About Time

Today it's The Lemonheads with 'It's About Time.' I can't believe I've gone this long without a lemonheads track on here so there really couldn't be a more apt song. Plus it ties into a number of other things too. My sister is currently in labour and has been on and off for the past three days so I'm sure she would appreciate it. My other sister has just received the first review of her new book and it's a glowing response so that's great to hear too.

As for me, looks like I'm in the long wait so I'll just have to content myself with this early Dando classic. Also only just noticed but he does actually snog a very young Angelina Jolie in this video, not bad for the a lanky big hippy with dubious nineties clothes. I promise the next video will be from this decade just to redress the old fart balance.

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